Refund Policy

Refund Policy for The Hatch Method

At The Hatch Method, we are committed to ensuring that our customers have the best experience with our courses and coaching sessions. Here's what you need to know about our refund policy:

  1. Our $1K/Day Guarantee:

    We are steadfast in supporting your journey. In Stage 1 of our program, we equip you with the tools to potentially scale your store to a minimum of $1K daily in revenue. Should you face challenges in reaching this goal, we pledge to provide guidance. This support can include, but isn't limited to, community interactions, supplementary training materials, group coaching sessions with Jake or his team members, etc. However, while we are committed to aiding your learning process, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes due to the myriad of external factors affecting individual results.

  2. Refunds for Technical Issues: If you experience technical difficulties that prevent you from accessing our content, please reach out to us. Refunds in such scenarios will be provided once you submit valid proof, like screenshots or other evidence, showcasing the issues you faced.

  3. Coaching Package Refunds: If you've booked a coaching package with us, you can request a refund anytime before your first video coaching call session starts.

  4. No Refunds for Courses: We believe in the value and quality of our courses, and as such, all course sales are final. No refunds will be provided once a course is purchased.

  5. Partial Refunds: In unique situations where you might not be physically able to complete the coaching calls, we may consider providing a partial refund. Each case will be reviewed individually, so please contact us with all the relevant details.

  6. Refund Processing Time: Once your refund request is approved, please allow 5-7 business days for the funds to be returned to your original payment method.

  7. Refund Proof: To ensure a smooth refund process, please be prepared to provide evidence in the form of screenshots or other pertinent documentation to support your claim.

  8. No Additional Fees: There are no hidden fees or charges associated with our refund process.

We value our community and strive to address any concerns or challenges you might face. If you have questions or need further clarification about our refund policy, don't hesitate to reach out.